Well….we don’t have one. 

I have a faithful groomer of several years that makes trips out to groom all of our dogs as needed. Otherwise, it is my husband, Rich and I (Tina). Rich built our kennel and the building that is now our nursery. Refer to our link for “Our Kennel and Nursery” for photos and additional information.

We are now working with an awesome veterinarian that is not afraid to go "outside of the box” to find a solution to any issues we might have with our puppies or our breeding program. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship that will include additional genetic screening for our adults.

Over the years we’ve continued to improve our system for ease and efficiency, which has always been without compromising the health and welfare of our dogs, moms and puppies. 

Although we’ve had a few surprises giving us more than we bargained for at that time (nature has a way of doing that sometimes), we've always managed. With extra hard work and a little added stress (and less sleep) we have prevailed.

If I ever reach a point where I need to delegate my responsibilities or our personal attention to each one of our dogs and our parents (i.e. too many litters at once), I don’t believe I could be called the “breeder” of my puppies? Just the money investment does not make you “the breeder”. It is also our complete love and devotion of what we do in our business and why we chose to do what we do as breeders of wonderful, healthy puppies.

I want to be involved with every aspect of raising my puppies from the moment they take their first breath. I believe if I hire a “staff”, not only do I compromise the safety of my animals through outside exposure, increase the expense of a business already extremely high in operating expenses resulting in much higher prices, but I will also lose the personal touch and involvement in our breeding business. I hope and pray it is this Personal Touch that is reflected by us to our customers and their future with their puppies that makes their experience with Lawpdoodle K9 Manor a great one. We are not perfect. No one is. But you have our assurance we will always do our best.

We will never exceed the number of our adults or amount of litters to be unmanageble by “our staff” of my husband and I. We will not “hide” the amount of our pack by delegating them to other homes. This is a personal choice for me, as I also can’t fathom the logistics of moving a dog back and forth for breeding purposes. This is our business and we are here to service our puppy families….directly. As is indicated in our Delivery/Pick Up Page, we welcome our customers here. We do not, however, allow “check us out first” visitors. Once you’ve decided to trust us through a commitment by deposit or when picking up your puppy when ready to go home, we welcome you to ours. By appointments only.

Thank you for trusting us and God Bless!  

Lawpdoodle K9 Manor, Est. 2008

Our Staff:

My husband (Rich) and I (Tina) during our Alaskan Cruise. In 2019 we celebrated 30 years of marriage. 30 years as partners raising two awesome children and now blessed with our  wonderful daughter-in-law and now our granddaughter, Evee.

UPDATE: We are now blessed with two more beautiful granddaughters. My daughter, Lisa, and her husband Kyle, have a beautiful girl, Aniyah born in October, 2020. Followed by Evee’s sweet sister born to my son, Matthew and his wife, Stacy, our sweet Cordelia born in November 2020. How blessed we are!

One of our awesome anniversary trips (our 25th), a gift from our kids. 

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