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Above is a slide show of photos around our home, farm and of our family. (It is supposed to activate automatically, but if it does not, just click on one of the dots and it will usually get going). Included is a photo of our son, Matthew, and his wife, Stacy on their wedding day, June 15, 2013, along with members of our family.  There is a photo of my daughter, Lisa, and myself enjoying a beautiful day on Lake Chautauqua in NY summer of 2012.  Below are additional photos featuring our family, our history and our lives, including a photo of my horse, Tango, who was 31 when he passed in 2008.  He is buried here on our farm. We were together 24 years.  Also included are a couple of family photos with our two Brazilian daughters, Murial and Ve, our exchange students from school years 2006-07 and 2010-11.  In addition is a photo of our proud family with our son, Matthew, following his graduation from The US Army Basic Training & AIT in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO., Summer of 2010 (including Ve).

My husband, Rich, graduated from DeVry University in 1983 with an Engineering Degree.  Upon graduation, he was immediately employed by Hewlett-Packard Co., where he is still employed after 31 years.   We are blessed in that he is now able to telecommute from a home office.  After 15 years in corporate administrative work, I (Tina), left the outside workforce to raise our two children, Matthew and Lisa. I remained active in work by successfully starting and building a business in the wedding industry while we still lived in Maryland.  I sold the business prior to our moving to Rich’s home farm in WV in 1998.  I then started and continued a successful Professional Machine Quilting business for 9 years, before selling my industrial machine to enhance our breeding business which began in January of 2008.

I am very fortunate to be married to a man who can build anything he sets his mind to, including our home.  My former quilting studio, which sits alongside of our home, is now our Puppy Nursery.  It is climate controlled (heated by a gas fireplace and A/C in summer), with carpeting, tile, a bathroom and ample natural lighting.  We also have a washer and dryer in our nursery to help with our daily cleaning and sanitizing necessary to maintain a healthy environment for our moms and puppies.

Shortly after we decided fulfill our dream of dog breeding, my husband set his mind to building our kennel.  As you will see on our page featuring our kennel and puppy nursery, we do not maintain the conventional set up of small, confined cement runs.  We are blessed with ample room to allow all of our dogs to have the freedom to go in and out of the kennel throughout the day.  We have 8 generous yards for play and interaction that are separated for controlled breeding.  One yard is designated for young pups we might be raising for the future and females in heat, but not scheduled to be bred.  The kennel is also climate controlled with gas heat and A/C in the summer.  We do keep the dogs indoors at night for safety and quiet.  Therein, they are essentially “house” broken, since they do not soil the kennel or outside kennel runs…..only in their yards.

Please feel free to email us at lawpdoodlek9manor@pm.me should you have any additional questions about our breeding program or would like to schedule a visit to meet us and our dogs.  

Thank you for visiting, and God Bless!



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