Although this letter was written to include in our puppy packets some time ago, I often forget to print it out and include it. I’ve included the same letter below. We thank our puppy families from the bottom of our heart for trusting us as the breeder of your new puppy. God Bless!


Lawpdoodle K9 Manor

(formerly known as Lawpdoodle Kennel) 

Thank you so much for choosing your puppy from Lawpdoodle K9 Manor.  We appreciate your trust in us, and we will do everything we can to continue to support you as you begin your life with your new puppy.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns after your puppy arrives home.  We also love pictures and notes on happy times with your new family member.  As we continue to maintain our website, we would love for you to share your experience with us and your new puppy, so that we might share it with others.

Be prepared that the first few days might be a bit of a challenge….sort of like bringing a brand new baby home from the hospital.  Depending on how quickly your puppy overcomes separation anxiety and the adjustment to a new environment, a good night’s sleep may not be an option.  This too, shall pass.

We highly recommend crate training.  It is believed that a puppy’s need to go out equals the amount of months in age.  However, like children, I believe every puppy is different.  You will quickly get to know the signs from your puppy when it needs to potty.  Communication between you and your puppy is the milestone to successful potty training.  Keep in mind, every accident is our fault, not the puppy’s.  Many have found a bell on the door handle of the door your puppy will go out (consistency is key) helps to expedite that communication.

I do not believe restricting your puppy to a smaller area is wise (such as with the divider often sold with the large wire crates).  It is believed this helps to increase their ability to “hold it” for longer periods of time.  Maybe.  But….if someone told me that I had to “hold it” until they decided it was okay for me to go to the bathroom, I’m not sure they would appreciate the outcome.  The older they get, the longer they will be able to hold it.  However, it is not for us to determine what the length of this time will be, especially when they are so young.

Giving your puppy ample space in their crate will also allow them to go to the bathroom in a corner if they cannot hold it any longer.  This makes cleaning up much easier on you, and will not desensitize the puppy from its instinct of keeping its bedding clean.  Dogs do not like to sleep in their own filth by nature.  This is why crate training has been so successful.  Not to mention, it protects them from harm around your house when you are not home, as well as protects your house! 

Warning!  Never leave your dog’s collar on while in the crate or unsupervised.  Too many tragic stories of hanging in crates or on fence posts.  I don’t want one of our puppies to be one of them! 

We have started your puppy on 


I am sure through the time you have anticipated the arrival of your new puppy, you have researched the vast variety of dog foods on the market.  First and foremost, be sure any food you feed your dog does NOT contain Corn, Wheat or Soy.  Some dogs even do better on completely grain free.  Unlike just a few short years ago, we now have many more choices on the market to feed our dogs food that is good for them.

We order our Puppyfood from www.chewy.com

It is fine if you have chosen a different food for your puppy.  However, we recommend that you wait until your puppy is several months old before trying to change their food.  When they are so young, their immune system is not completely developed, and they don’t have the ability to tolerate sudden changes in their diet. Watch the treats, too!  Even if the treats are made by the same manufacturer as your dog food, it does not mean the ingredients are the same.   The issues with diarrhea in puppies can often be attributed to the stress of change in their environment, in addition to the mistake of too many treats and changing their food. NO TABLE FOOD! 

Large Breed puppies can be transitioned to Adult Food at 6 months. It is recommended to change from puppy formula by this age to encourage proper development and avoid painful growth spurts. Please refer to our insert in your package addressing “Growing Pains in Dogs”. 

Important! Insurance can save you thousands! Just like children, our puppies seek trouble that can endanger them. Unexpected health issues can crop up as well. Insurance for our pets have come a long way, and many have found the benefits are priceless. Here is a link to our most recommended insurance company. 

Pet Insurance with Unlimited Benefits - HEALTHY PAWS


Once again, we thank you for trusting us as your breeder of your new faithful companion.   We are here for you always, as you are now a part of the Lawpdoodle Family.

May God Bless You, and give an extra hug for me to your new fuzzy baby! 

Tina Law

Lawpdoodle K9 Manor



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