I  can never thank enough all of my wonderful puppy families that have helped us be a success since January 2008. 

In this business we’ve had our ups and downs and many heartbreaks. Nothing is predictable when dealing with life whether human or animal. Nature can be cruel. I’ve watched in sorrow as family members of dear friends have succumbed to diseases like cancer that have altered their lives or ended their lives too soon. 

Remember. There is only One God. Breeders are often perceived to have the “power” to make things exactly as they should be, but we are not God. We do the best with the tools and the knowledge we have acquired and pray that all will be well. Most of the time, it is. But sometimes it isn’t. Can it be by the fault of a breeder….yes. But despite the best intentions and dedication of the best of breeders, things can and will go wrong. 

In this wild world of social media, cable and satellite TV, internet “information”, etc., we all know we have opened our lives up to even more outside scrutiny, opinions and cruelty than ever before. Sadly, as Satan still roams the earth before the return of Our Savior, there will be people upon this earth that find pleasure in hurting others. We all know it from as far back as the days on our school playgrounds. Meanness, cruelty and evil still exist.

Now as I said, I’ve had my share of heartache. I’ve had my share of ups and downs and I’ve always tried to be as honest as I can about my downfalls. I also make it quite clear to my families from the beginning of their commitment to one of our puppies that I am always here. I helped this little life come into the world….they will be a part of me as long as they live on this earth. Should a problem arise, a re-home needed (no judgement), I want to be involved. A piece of my heart leaves with every little puppy that leaves me. I only ask that I am kept in the loop should any problem arise so we can work together to resolve it.

With social media, “closed groups” and private messaging among many, it has opened a whole new world of “gossip” and the ability to damage anyone in a public manner without a second thought to the overall consequences. Others, such as trainers, doggy day care and veterinarian specialists come into the circle of our puppies’ lives as well. With that in mind, please remember…..I AM STILL YOUR BREEDER.

If you have an issue, be it health or behavior, please give me the courtesy by contacting me first with your concerns instead of going elsewhere via social media or otherwise? All too often of late I have found that certain people have decided to take their “issues” to someone else for advice opening the door for creating an environment of criticism that leads right back to me. Meanwhile, I have no idea that anything is wrong or that anyone has a concern that I might be of help?

We are blessed to now have options to work with trainers before you bring your puppy home. As a result, I often do not come face to face with some of the families who purchase their puppies from me. In the interim, I’m set aside. I don’t always receive the happy photos and updates from the families with our puppies. The trainers and the breed groups do (some online groups of which choose not to allow me to be a part of for unknown, childish or unjustified reasons leaving me defenseless?) 

I know the trainers have played an important part in molding your puppy in its early days, but remember….I loved them first. I held them first. I raised their mom and dad. We’ve spent thousands of dollars investing in our dogs, their environment, and their health and care to ensure we have provided the best outcome for our puppies and their future families. All we ask is that we not be forgotten. Many families have gone on that we haven’t heard from in many years. That’s okay. I go on with my life as well. The circumstances I’m addressing here are when through mutual breed groups on social media or “friends” acquired through the love of your dog breed, etc., that you also remember when sharing your experiences with them……I AM STILL YOUR BREEDER.

Thank you so much. May God Bless each an everyone of our puppy families always. My prayer is that your puppy will bring you many years of joy in a healthy and safe environment with your family. 

Tina Law

Lawpdoodle K9 Manor

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