The following will be provided to you with your puppy from Lawpdoodle K9 Manor:

1. Health Records including shots and de-worming

2. Pamphlet on Age Appropriate Exercise and reference to

3. Contract of Sale (sent ahead via email through HelloSign for e-signature) 

4. A couple of toys

5. British Style Slip Lead (since many of our customers like to get their own style of collar, leash or harness, we’ve decided to no longer supply the generic, basic quality collars and leashes, but instead provide the higher quality British Style Slip Lead).

7. Cloth with siblings' scent

8. Sample of food 

First and foremost, be sure to make your Vet Appointment within 3 - 4 days following the day your puppy goes home.  THEN.....visit a Pet Store!  I love shopping for my pets, and I love getting those calls and emails that say they are getting ready to go shopping at the Pet Store!  My favorite "mall"!  Things to look for while you are there:

 1)  Toys, toys, toys!   Puppies love toys!  Squeaky toys, chewy toys, fuzzy toys.  However, please use some discretion when picking out new toys for your puppy.   Puppies like to chew, chew, chew If the toys are "cheap" and easily destroyed, a puppy can ingest parts of the toys which can be dangerous. Rawhide is okay in moderation.  We like Nylabones and Kongs.  Look for chew toys that will massage their gums and teeth.  Balls that roll and you can throw...anything that moves that they can chase!

 2)  We recommend a stuffed animal for the first few nights to help with the separation anxiety. (High ratings for those that use the Snuggle Puppy found at Amazon. A fleecy cloth that will be provided with your puppy's welcome home kit. If you spend a good bit of time cuddling your puppy in the first few hours, place a piece of recently worn clothing (shirt) in with your puppy when crating the first couple of nights. If you do not purchase a "pet friendly" stuffed animal at a pet store, just be sure not to purchase anything with "removable parts", such as plastic eyes.  These can be easily chewed off and swallowed by your puppy, and can also be dangerous.

 3) Food.  Quite often, we find ourselves at a cross road with food choices for our puppies. Puppies’ immature tummies and immune systems are very sensitive, moreso until they mature to adults, and therein we may deal with a multitude of issues. Regardless of being within the same litter, what works for one does not always work for all.  After a couple of attempts at other blends other brands, we have settled on the food options as referenced below. Their poo is good and they seem to be thriving and growing well on this food.  So, for now, this is what we are raising your puppy on and will provide a sample with your going home packet. We recommend the above food for awesome nutrition for your puppy. Please click the image above for more information. They have so many products that are safe ane healthy for your puppy. Please scroll down once you click on the link to see our recommendations for your new puppy.

We are still firm believers in our 3 to 1 ratio of Fromm Large Breed Puppy mixed with a little Victor. You can get both as pictured below at  Fromm is also available at Pet Supplies Plus (not the other two big box pet stores)

We are free-feeders, and you will receive different opinions about ways to feed from fellow dog owners, breeders, trainers and vets. When asked about our feeding policies, we can only share what we know works for us and why.  We have a multi-dog household, 1 bowl of food, 1 bowl of water.  They learn to share and not be food-hogs, and they “graze” throughout the day….they do NOT inhale their food.  With the security of knowing their food is always available, they learn to graze and will only eat what they need. Our dogs are not obese.  Obesity is less about food and more about lack of exercise. If we were to determine mealtime and amounts of food, which is only necessary when there is a health issue, they will become hungry and anticipate that next meal.  When you place it in front of them, they will tend to gorge the food, sometimes with little chewing. They will also inhale more air with this type of eating.  This behavior can increase the chances of bloat, a deadly condition that many large breed dogs are prone to. 

 4) Crate.  We only breed medium/large breed dogs.   We like the "Large" size wire crates that can be purchased at most pet stores (42”).  We recommend draping a blanket over the back half of the crate to give them added security and that "den-like" feel. Most do come with a divider, but we do not recommend using them.  By instinct, your puppy does not want to soil its crate.  However, when very young, they need to go quite frequently.  If for some reason, you are unable to get to your puppy soon enough, he/she may soil its crate out of necessity.  If the puppy is in a small area, it will soil where they sleep, as they have no choice.   Therein, your puppy may become desenstized to its natural instinct of of not soiling its bedding.

If your puppy has a larger area, he/she may go in a small area in a corner, maintaining that instinct.  As they grow into their crate and develop more control, they will not soil their crate at all.  By this time, through proper training and patience, you should be through the most challenging days of housebreaking. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use the crate for punishment or “Time Out”. Their crate is to be their sanctuary, their safe place and a positive place. This is essential if you plan to leave them alone in your home for a period of time in the crate. They can otherwise harm themselves if severe separation anxiety ensues. Also, NEVER leave their collars on while in their crates. Although we have not personally experienced this or heard of it from our families, it is a fact that puppies have been known to hang themselves, sadly.

If you are traveling by car for several hours, we recommend a smaller traveling crate if traveling alone, unless you have the room for the large wire crate in a van or SUV. A lap will do if more than one person is traveling, as the security of being close will help the puppy not get car sick and feel more comfortable.  The necessities for traveling are as follows:

a) Traveling crate (if no lap is available).

b) A couple of towels for bedding and/or lap

c) Wipes

d) Paper Towels

e) Trash Bags

f) Water bowl and bottle(s) of water

g) Patience

 6) Remember...any accident that happens in your house is YOUR FAULT...not the puppy's.  Please do not punish your puppy.  It is up to you to be diligent from the time your puppy arrives home.  When little, they need to go more often.  Stay tuned in, and get to know your puppy's "needs".  This means you might need to get up once or twice a night the first few days.   Keep consistent.  Always take your puppy outside!  Do not buy those puppy pads or paper just delays what your ultimate goal will be and confuses the puppy....TAKE YOUR PUPPY OUTSIDE...regardless of the weather.   If there is a lot of snow...shovel a "spot" for your puppy.  Take your puppy out the same door you want them to go out when they learn to tell you they need to go potty.   Say the same thing over and over again, "Go Potty".  When they relieve themselves...praise them, praise them!  They want you to be happy...when they know you are...they will do what they know they did to make you happy...AGAIN!  Take them out right after they wake up, right after they eat, and after a short while of playtime.   If your puppy starts to sniff and circle the floor...take them outside immediately.

 Many have found a bell on the door where they go outside helps to "communicate" their need.  This is a good training tool, and can even be purchased at your local pet store.  Communication is the biggest milestone to potty training.   If they can make a noise you can hear from the next room to alert you, it will make both of you happier in the "end”.

********* THE DREADED GIARDIA!!!!!!**********

Symptomatic or not, we HAVE taken a proactive approach on what is quite obvious a milady that exists everywhere and likely latent in almost every canine on the planet. Please read the following link written by a veterinarian for more information regarding “today’s” diagnosis and what I believe to be “overraction” and “over treatment” of Giardia. Diarrhea is caused by many environmental factors in humans and animals. Babies (yes humans and puppies) are most susceptible to stress related and environment related diarrhea. However, fear not! They wlll grow out of it, and overtreatment and too much medicine will only inhibit their recovery and proper development of their natural immunities. I also recently learned from a vet tech at a specialty veterinarian clinic that blood can even appear in stress related diarrhea, so a small amount of blood in the stool does not mean “panic”. Wish I’d known that 10 years ago! Never hesitate to take a stool sample to your veterinarian or your puppy in for a visit if their is a drastic change in eating and drinking habits or lethargy. Error on the side of caution…..always!


7) Pick up a bottle of Bitter Apple spray at the Pet Store.   This is harmless to most clothing, furniture, pets and people.  Yet, it deters chewing of don't want chewed (like furniture, fingers or ankles).  Remember, your puppy is teething...and their teeth can be destructive and hurt.  Boredom can also promote chewing.  Be sure you are not leaving your puppy/dog for hours alone with nothing to do.  This can turn even the best behaved dog into a terror.   When I hear of dogs that "destroy" homes, is a dog often left alone in a crate or confined area for hours each day with little to no attention by its people on a regular basis.  They need stimulation and "busy time".  Doggy Day care is a good option for some, or going home at lunch if possible.  When you are home, be sure to spend "quality" time with your puppy, and include them in everything you do whenever possible.   They are not "just dogs", they are an extension of your family. Treat them as you would treat any member of your family.

8) Don’t forget to look into Pet Insurance as soon as possible! There are reputable companies out there today that have saved pet owners thousands in the event of an emergency.

We will continue to add tips and ideas to this page as they come up.  Again, please be sure to email me with any additional questions you might have in getting ready for your new family member.   We are looking forward to working with you through the life of your puppy!  Again, thank you so much for considering one of our babies to bring into your family.


Thank you and God Bless!

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