Date and Time to be determined at the convenience of Breeder. Deliveries only available on weekdays. Saturdays are reserved for pick ups at our home.

LaVale, MD (Cumberland) (off of I-68)

Pittsburgh, PA (Robinson) (and Pittsburgh International Airport) 


We apologize in advance for any anxiety or uncertainty our new policies may create? We just celebrated 9 years of breeding and have a long standing reputation, including many visitors to our home/farm/nursery/kennel. Since we began in 2008, we have always shared many photos on our website showing you our home and facilties for our dogs and puppies. 

Breeding is a hostile environment by those radical activists that never want to see another animal born and “owned” by a human…..period. This is a threat for which we continue to always keep our guard up. Now, due to the increasing threat of viruses and diseases as a result of so-called rescue organizations importing unhealthy dogs from outside countries (why they claim we have an overpopulation of pets here in the U.S. while shipping animals from outside the U.S. is beyond me?) and having dealt with our own heartaches from outside exposure in the past, we will no longer allow visits until it is time for your puppy to go home. Yes, you still have the option to make an appointment and pick up your puppy at our home. We offer our delivery services for your convenience, not to discourage your option of picking up your puppy where he/she was raised. Our policies are as follows:

1. Absolutely no visiting just to just “check us out” to be sure our facilities are to your satisfaction in raising your puppy prior to a commitment to us as your breeder. Our nursery is now OFF-LIMITS to the public to protect our puppies and moms. We have added a meet and greet building across from our nursery where you can pick up your puppy and possibly visit to pick out a puppy if eligible. We’ve had a couple of hair raising, suspicious visitors in our past. Please remember….this is our Home, too.

2. No choosing which puppy to take home in person until they are 5 weeks of age. At that point, you must be within 3 people eligible to choose from a current litter to warrant a visit to pick your puppy. We also provide photos of the puppies and videos for you to observe the puppies, and we will also be happy to communicate with you to help you with your choice from our own observation and daily interaction with the puppies.

3. By appointment only, when your puppy chosen via our website, photos, videos and any input asked from us is made, you may come and pick up your puppy at Lawpdoodle farm/kennel. What this means is we have nothing to hide. We still allow our customers to come here, but we must put the health of our moms and puppies first. We are in the process of designing an office/vistor’s room that will be separate from the nursery to protect our moms and puppies as well.

Visit by Appointment only.  No Sunday Appointments. Appointments available between 1 and 4 pm. except Sundays or if we are traveling to one of our delivery locations.

Due to the new APHIS/USDA Regulations, we no longer ship via Cargo.  However, a number of our customers have flown into Pittsburgh where we will meet with your puppy, and you can fly home with your puppy in cabin.  We also have families that are more than willing to share their experience and the procedures in traveling by air with their puppy.  

Below is a testimony from one of our customers who flew in from California this past February, 2014.  She did choose to stay overnight and go home the next day.  We’ve had others who have flown in, met me, and gone home the same day as well.  Terri has been kind enough to share here experience and tips in how she made this trip less stressful for both she and her puppy.

After you left I gave her a little water and played with her, tried to get her to go potty but she didn't. 
This is what I did to prepare for our trip.
  *Sherpa crate (to be passed on to the next traveler)
  *Thunder sweater
  *I put her litter mates blanket in the crate with her and a small rope toy.
  *I had also sprayed another blanket with a pheromone based stress reliever spray (bought at petsmart) and kept it in a large Baggie until I felt she needed it.
(The blankets were cheap baby receiving blankets from target. One went to you for litter smell, one I put in my clothes basket and one I sprayed)
*.  After we checked in and headed to our terminal I found a set of seats that were on tile and took her out and played with her and gave her a bit of water until it was time to board the plane. (Was not a problem to have her out of the crate in the airport.  The airport personnel loved her and gave her lots of attention.) 
  *About the last 45min.from Dallas she started to whine a bit.  I unzipped the bag ( I had it lengthwise under the seat in front of me) and let her nibble my fingers and played with her toy until she settled down. Then she started again so I out the sprayed blanket over the crate and never heard her again.
  *In Dallas I took her out again this time in the bathroom thinking I would have to clean her up. (I had 2 pads in the bottom of the crate just for this reason.). She was potty since WVA?  I pee'd and so did she, on the bathroom floor, easy clean up.
  *More playtime, more water and then onto the next plane.  Not a sound out of her and she was clean and dry when we landed in CA.
Not sure if it was any of the things I did or if your dogs just produce awesome pups.!
Her nite was a little restless.  She was not to keen on the crate, but I have never had a child or dog share my bed.  I slept on the couch next to her and put my fingers in for her to smell and touch and we made through nite one.


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